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Images of a Minnesota winter weekend

In lieu of a real post, I submit some photos from this wonderful winter weekend. After last week’s bitter cold, it was great to get out snowshoeing two days. Both trips featured big, fluffy snowflakes and a real sense of the wild within a short drive from my door.

One outing was an exploration of a wonderful Wildlife Management Area with she and she, the other an adventure up some railroad tracks along the St. Croix River with Brian and Rachel, a very fun visit to an area I know well by canoe in the warmer months but had not experienced in the hard water season.

Click on the photos to go to the respective galleries for the two outings.

Katie and Lola playing in the snow

Katie and Lola playing in the snow at Hardwood Creek WMA.

Snowshoeing along railroad tracks near the St. Croix River

Snowshoeing along railroad tracks near the St. Croix River


Lola in the snow

Forgive this longer-than-planned absence… I got sucker punched by the flu on Saturday, I’m just now emerging.

Our second major helping of snow in less than a week fell last Thursday as Rosie and I escaped the city to Chateau du Her Parents’ for a little winter getaway while they were vacationing in warmer climes. That meant enjoying the privilege of breaking trail on Friday at Afton State Park. Rosie on skis, me on snowshoes, Lola breaking a zig-zagging trail ahead of us through a foot-and-a-half of snow.

Rosie forging a trail


We just took a four day vacation to Minnesota’s North Shore, staring at the awesome expanses of Lake Superior, skiing, snowshoeing, reading, sleeping, eating and doing nothing at all. Aside from playing outdoors and relaxing indoors, we also visited some old friends of my parents who have found a wonderful place for their retirement in Grand Marais. And we saw a singer-songwriter who I used to be friends with in high school but who I haven’t seen in several years, during which time she has done quite well in the past year or two. There’s a good chance those two facts are related. Or possibly it’s just that she has it all: an amazing voice, a talent for songwriting, great confidence on stage, and passion. She put on a wonderful show Friday night in Grand Marais.

I don’t have a lot more to say about the vacation, but we did snap a few photos that I thought were worth sharing.


Some inconsiderate moose walked right down the groomed ski tracks. I tell ya…


One Foot
On a river in the Superior National Forest off the Gunflint Trail.



At Temperance River State Park.




Taconite plant.

Driving through Deb‘s neck of the woods on the way home. It was a real snowstorm by our standards and it was a lot of fun to drive along barely-plowed roads on a quiet Sunday afternoon with the pine trees blanketed in snow.

Bottom line: after a non-winter in the Twin Cities, it was good to spend a few day somewhere with snow and everything that winter should be. It was far too brief a time spent up there and we both realized even more how much we love the north country of Minnesota.