Me on Lake Three, Boundary Waters Canoe Area WildernessI grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota along the banks of the St. Croix River, one of the first rivers in the country to be designated Wild and Scenic.

I started writing when my father bought the family a word processor in 1987 and I wrote a story about four dogs rafting down the St. Croix.

In 2002, I received my bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota. In 2003, I spent two months traveling in Europe with my friend Scott. Not long after I got back, I proposed to my high school sweetheart, Rosie, and we were married in October, 2004.

My work at the moment is in communications, mostly internal organizational communications. More specifically: the employee intranet. I also write for employee publications and contribute to communications strategy (including corporate use of social media tools like blogs, wikis, and the such).

I am a board member of Voyageurs National Park Association, where I chair the communications committee. That basically means I manage the newsletter and the Web site. I also do pro bono Web design for the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust (if you click that link, know that it is NOT my design currently) and freelance Web design.

My passions in life are writing and the outdoors. That is reflected on this blog. I especially enjoy canoeing, fly fishing, camping and hiking.

Rosie and I currently live in Saint Paul.

About This Blog

I started this blog in October 2004, just a few weeks before I got married. In fact, when I first tried to describe the blog, I remember I often thought of it as being about the experience of young man getting married.

It has evolved through many phases since then, and it continues to do so.

Without many readers for a good long while, I wrote a lot of random stuff. It’s still out there if you dig back a ways. I remember “real-time blogging” watching “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” one night when I was home by myself.

I have always tried to write about interesting stuff. From the beginning, that has meant my experiences outdoors. In fact, the first post was about making French toast at a campsite in the Boundary Waters.

Lastly, this site will always continue to evolve. Hope you’ll keep coming back to see where it goes next.

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