all the snyder that’s fit to print

the new york times did a nice piece on gary snyder… as is often seen, it’s half poet profile and half review. If he’s up before the hawks start circling and spends the day chopping wood, sharing meals with neighbors, taking on the dark forces of anti-environmentalism, visiting his aging mother and, more than once, […]

links for 2006-12-14

Zen ritual embraces poetry of Mount Tamalpais – Marin Independent Journal “One day in October 1965, poets Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg and Philip Whalen performed a ritual walk around Mount Tamalpais, following the Buddhist meditation practice of walking clockwise around a venerated object, pausing for worshipful chanting.” (tags: zen buddhism california gary.snyder ltl.spirituality) When Granite […]

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Fifty years ago today, something important happened in San Francisco. Six poets read their poems at the Six Gallery. Ginsberg read “Howl” for the first time, Kerouac collected change, went and got jugs of wine and brought them back to pass around, he stood at the side of the stage and shouted “Yeah! Wow!” Gary […]

Onward and Upward

I see that Al Aronowitz has died. Al was a music journalist who introduced Bob Dylan to the Beatles (or vice versa) in 1964, claimed that Dylan wrote Mr. Tambourine Man (my dad’s favorite Dylan song) at his kitchen table, wrote a major 12-part series about the Beat Generation for the New York Post in […]

Pile it on

Having gone to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts last weekend — staring at the Van Gogh, the Monet, and realizing how much I love pretty much any French (or Dutch) painter from the late 1800s, early 1900s — then hanging out with some painters and other visual artists that night, I’ve been thinking a wee […]