I’m moving…

… and I’m not even going to ask to borrow your truck!

For one reason or another, I feel I need something of a clean break to move forward with my writing, my online work, and so forth.  So, I’ve started up a new blog at www.gregseitz.com.

I’ll still continue to post the occasional bit like I have here: trip reports, photos, “nature writing.” But I’ll also be posting about the intersections of my interests in nature, writing and books, film, art and more at the new site. I think if you’ve enjoyed this blog, you’ll probably enjoy the new one, too. Some recent posts at gregseitz.com have included:

For my RSS and e-mail subscribers, I’m going to work on seamlessly switching over the feeds so you don’t have to update anything, but I’m not making any promises. If you want to follow along, you should probably just subscribe to this feed for RSS or go here to sign up for e-mail updates.

I’ve been blogging at The Dharma Blog since October 2004. It’s been wonderful and I offer a sincere “thank you” to everyone who has followed along, contacted me via e-mail, commented on posts, and provided a lot of inspiration and motivation. I hope to see you over at my new home soon!

(I’ve also started experimenting with Twitter in earnest. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can follow me at twitter.com/gregseitz.)