June Haibun: Surplus

It truly is an exhausting season. I’ll never deny that. I don’t know how people in more moderate climates keep going year-round. Despite the sunshine filtering through the leaves on the trees, despite a cool afternoon breeze, despite wandering to and fro on a Sunday afternoon with no obligation except the next destination, I can’t help my mind wandering to calmer days of autumn.

It’s probably just my introvert nature, though. After periods of sociability I need solitude, and the summer tends to throw that balance completely off. Maybe that’s why I fit in here so well, though I don’t know how that explains my craving for days just like this in the depths of winter. I suppose there are other more obvious explanations, and it really is all about appreciating and understanding the cycles and patterns of life.

It seems like water restores that balance. Rather than washing away the stress, being in a river or a lake merges me with the universe, connects my core to the larger forces at work.

Long days of sunshine
Pull me along like a current
Sleep in sweet moonlight