June Haibun: Dénouement

The weekend spent canoeing on the St. Croix River at the middle of the month was the most like my dreams of June.

Sunlight on water
Afternoon waves on rock shores
Move slowly upstream

A surprisingly wild little park that I lived 15 minutes from as a kid, and live 15 minutes from on the other side today, has been a frequent respite in all seasons.

Brushy summer woods
Damp soil under tall trees
Sunshine and moonlight

From quiet natural environs, I was thrust back into the cities that have been my home for more than 10 years now.

Remember this place
Bridges over the river
Always see new sights

Then the heat and humidity arrived. This year I particularly noticed how the water in the atmosphere seemed to refract and amplify the intense sun of the solstice season.

Hot car at 5:10
Windows down all the way home
Get there, rush inside

Father’s Day weekend was the solstice and the Twins played and there was a big classic car show so the city at night was filled with them cruising up and down the avenues and then we went to the river for a warm rainy afternoon.

People line the streets
Car radios blast music
Gentle waves all day

Mid and late June is the season for the giant Hexagenia mayfly, which trout feed on nocturnally; the brave angler pursues the fish in the damp dark hours of dusk.

Drive through farm country
We go down to the river
I like the journey

The long sunlight of the solstice is one of my favorite parts of summer. The fireflies in Gabe’s backyard are a much less predictable blessing.

A show for no one
No explanation needed
No sound but the sun

I’m exhausted by this writing, but it’s the good kind of tired like that felt after making the most of a beautiful month with moments of joy and moments of calm. These have been the moments of clarity.

Radio plays soft
Type at the kitchen counter
Each word comes slowly

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