June Haibun: Hold On

I walked Lola by the lake one morning at the beginning of the month.

Cool sweatshirt morning
    The water still waking up
Gray clouds and quiet

I thought back on memories of recent seasons, drives up north and paddles downstream.

Sunny green summers
    Puffy clouds and warm water
No sweat and no bugs

June still concealed in cold, wet weather, memory continued to hold my imagination. I recalled more days of water.

Leave early for trout
    Childhood days in hidden creeks
Sun on a lost beach

Katie and I cooked dinners of seasonable produce and meat on the grill.

Sirloin on special
    Asparagus and flowers
Food from farmers

Work took me to northern forests for a couple days.

Drive forgotten roads
    Always one more curve or hill
Stop to study rocks

At the middle of the month, we joined friends for a weekend of canoeing and camping on the St. Croix.

Long summer daylight
    Swim in clean river water
White morning fog