June Haibun: The hex

The first time I fished the Hexagenia hatch, we left for the river when the day was already waning. And then, we were in no rush to get there. We went up and down the river to a couple different access points and then ended up at an acquaintance’s house on a bluff. He gave us a plastic cup with a lemonade cocktail in it and we set off along a narrow path down to the river.

It was a warm and sticky evening. Dusk was now falling and fog was already settling in the tall grasses on the banks. Stepping into the river, the water was cool and smooth. The day was lost in dark blue and gray now. We walked up to the base of a calm pool where we could hear, but not see, trout rising.

   the light fades to sound
mammoth flies struggle skyward
  my line lays gentle

-thanks to my friend Ed for those last two lines.

Hex hunting