June Haibun: Space between the stars

We have moved through the rain and into the hot and the humid. This too is part of June. We have arrived here only after experiencing a litany of other type of June weathers. From the cold and rainy to the mild and dry to warm and stormy to this, this hot and still. There is no sign of this heat lifting in the near future. In fact, tomorrow is predicted hotter and wetter.

The season now teaches us that, though the air is thick, life is only and entirely a series of moments. Breathe in this, soak it in through your pores, let the sweat run down your forehead, let the water in your body merge with the water in the atmosphere, seek icy creeks, seek cold beer, seek the present moment and seek the next.

We may be forgiven for spending our winters waiting. We may forgive ourselves for cold, dark nights under blankets. Even great bears hibernate. We may even think back fondly on such silence, such survival. But June is not a month to waste. No, this month demands appreciation, even on days when your shirt sticks to your back, when the sun scalds the sidewalk.

So I slow and I stop and I say that it is not the sight but the witness, any season of the year. It is observing the unique and meditating upon it, understanding how the Earth affects my life and wondering why it is so.

Hot upstairs
     Bathe in the cold bathtub
  Listen to old songs

ps – the title is inspired by my friend nikki.

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  1. Greg Post author

    Thanks Deb… glad you’ve been enjoying the posts. I figured this season is so rich in inspiration, I ought to try documenting as much of it as I can.

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