June Haibun: The sun will outlast you and me

The sun will outlast you and meThe waters of the creek were warm and slippery. You had to walk carefully on the slimy rocks but after a day in the stream you were a sure-footed water child.

I wasn’t much for slimy creatures like the leeches which were the creek’s one significant drawback but yet I didn’t let them get in the way. I would find one on me, stifle a gag, yank it off, and go on with the chaos of youth.

There wasn’t anything to the creek beyond the corner where we swam. You came down to it at a grassy spot where some parents would be set up in aluminum and nylon lawn chairs and a cooler. With little ceremony, a t-shirt and shoes dropped careless on the bank,  it was into the water.

Fifty feet upstream there was a natural waterslide where the activity centered. Big slanted slabs of limestone with a couple inches of water running over it. I swear I went down that rock more times than there were pebbles on the creekbed.

The creek turned above the slide and then straightened out. That was the upper reaches of the known waterway. Seeking adventure one time, my cousin and I hiked upstream another 30 yards, fighting our way up the bank, swarmed by mosquitoes in the bushes, dragging a little two-man rubber raft that was my introduction to watercraft. Bit to shit, we pushed through the brambles finally and launched the raft.

Our arrival at the slide, and then our descent of it, was some small victory, but we did not see the point in repeating the journey.

The days in the creek were limitless and fleeting. The warm afternoon seemed infinite, and gladly so, but with little fanfare I’d find myself wrinkled and chilled and only then notice the sun dipping behind the tall trees with their thick mid-summer foliage.

    We are born of water
dissolve someday like the clouds
      The sun will outlast you and me

      (With apologies to Cloud Cult)

3 thoughts on “June Haibun: The sun will outlast you and me

  1. Dad

    Was this at a Fourth of July outing at Pat Beaver’s farm? I’ll bet it is. Love the haiku. We dissolve like water, beautiful. Sounds better than ashes to ashes anyway.

  2. Greg Post author

    Dad – the first two lines are based on ideas, if not the actual words, from Cloud Cult’s latest album… an absolutely lovely concept, and one I think of frequently. We really may just be water come to life.

    Deb – so funny about the timing of this post and your recent one about your kids in the creek. This is actually the only piece that I’ve posted as part of this June Haibun project that I had previously written. It was something that just popped into my head a month or two ago. I can’t believe it that I posted it and didn’t even think of the direct connection to your post about your kids. It really all does come around. Glad you enjoyed it!

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