“Not just dream about it. Do it.”

Though it’s not really this blog’s style to just post content found around the Web (though it’s good fun and something I would maybe like to do with another blog someday), I can’t resist posting this. It’s the entire “Alone in the Wilderness” documentary, frequently seen on PBS, chronicling Richard Proenneke‘s life in the Alaskan bush.

For those unfamiliar with the film or the man, upon retirement at age 51 in 1968, Proenneke headed to Alaska. He proceeded to build himself a cabin deep in the wilderness, using only hand tools, and filming the whole thing.

The combination of Proenneke’s incredible skills at carpentry and woodcraft, his steady and patient hand with his 16 mm camera, and his enlightened, lyrical narration has made this film a classic.

edit: unfortunately, the video’s no longer available. But, you can (and should?) buy it here.