For Immediate Release

Friends of the Boundary Waters logoI have some news that I am very happy to finally share: I am joining the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness as their communications/engagement director. As anyone who reads this blog can imagine, I am very excited about this.

In that over the course of my brief life so far I have spent a bit of time weighing the different things I enjoy and have a relatively stable idea of my priorities, this literally could be my dream job.

It will demand writing about topics that are of great importance to me, working for something I deeply believe in. I will seek to engage young people, who are abandoning the outdoors at a frightening rate, finding ways to make an honored tradition of love for wild places relevant to natives of this crazy digital world today.

Basically, I will be doing the type of work I enjoy most to help protect one of the wildest and most beautiful places in the lower 48. And I will be doing so with a group of people I liked and respected from the moment I met them, and joining an organization that has a long history of fighting the good (and hard) fight.

And, oh yeah, I should also mention that wilderness canoeing will now be all in a day’s work. :D

Disappointment Lake, BWCAW

11 thoughts on “For Immediate Release

  1. samh

    I bet it feels good to finally tell the world about this. This is going to be a great opportunity for you, Greggers. You will do well my friend.

  2. dharma bum Post author

    Thanks all! I don’t know what else to say except to repeat that I’m simply very excited.

    Aaron – thanks for ordering Esker… I’d love to read your review. :)

  3. Dad and Mom

    A match made in heaven, or someplace like it. Maybe the BWCA. The Friends showed excellent judgment in hiring you. You’ll be good for one another. We couldn’t be happier for you. Congrats!

  4. Terry

    Hey, Way to go. You gotta cheer for anybody who can line up their dreams and their career so close together that you can hardly tell the difference.

  5. Sean

    Congratulations again, Greg. I’d wondered when your big news would make its appearance here.

    You already know how happy we are for you back at gigantic Company X (and how very much we’ll miss you).

    You’re really leaving some big shoes to fill. (Maybe you should take those with you??)

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