Esker Update

Esker: Tales of Woods and WaterThank you to everyone who has already ordered Esker. If you haven’t done so, you can still get your very own copy for $12. Not only have many people already ordered, several have been kind enough to spread the word via their blogs and I want to publicly thank everyone for doing that:

I’ve also gotten Esker’s “official Web site” up at It’s still a bit under construction and there’s not much there right now besides what you can find here, but it will serve as the place to go to order copies, etc.

Thanks again for all the congratulations and encouragement and to everyone who has purchased a copy. It means as much to me as the number of sales. But, if you haven’t bought Esker yet, here’s that link one more time.

6 thoughts on “Esker Update

  1. Sean

    I’m got an email telling me that my copy has shipped! Oooh, it feels like Christmas. Well, it *is* Christmas, but it’s an extra good feeling on top of that!

  2. rosie

    i got my copy yesterday and it is beautiful! to be able to hold in my hands many of your best writings is a real christmas treat. congratulations, bum! and thank you for including my poem and the works of your other friends. lene, your poem is wonderful! ed, the drawing is so peaceful and i’d love to see more of what you do. sam, you write so naturally, it’s the same pace of having a great conversation with you. hurrah for esker!

  3. dharma bum Post author

    thanks TMF! hope you enjoy it. that’d be awesome to get it on the shelves of thorne bay’s library. i’d be happy to contribute a free copy for that cause. :) happy new year to you and yours!

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