Solstice Sunset

Solstice Sunset

Dogs will run and swim themselves nearly to death given the opportunity.

A perfectly flat hiking trail is a pleasure all its own.

Where the trout-less Trout Brook at Afton State Park enters the St. Croix, a sandbar extends much further out into the river than you would think. That sandbar and the cold creek water mingling with the warm river make for unexpectedly delightful wading.

Rural Afton is rich with long, curving hills that are just made for coasting down in nuetral at dusk.

Despite the claims of its Web site, Selma’s Ice Cream is not open until 10:00 every night of the week during the summer.

But Dairy Queen in Hudson is.

Solstice Sunset

(Photos courtesy Rainier. Thanks!)

5 thoughts on “Solstice Sunset

  1. eric

    Just a belated thumbs up for this post and a quick note. Today I took my seven-year-old son on a “secret mission” into Wisconsin and on the way home we made a brief stop at the spot where hwy. 35 crosses the St. Croix. We quietly waded out into the channel and marveled at the beauty of the place. “Where does this river go?” he asked. I told him exactly where and watched as his glance slowly moved from the opposite shore to downstream. I could almost hear his little gears turning. There’s something about a river, but not every person can see it – I can understand your affection for the St. Croix. Also, 24 miles during a period of higher water would be an easy day and not overly ambitious at all. I hope everyone has recovered from your last trip. Have a good 4th!

  2. Greg Post author

    hey eric, thanks for a really awesome comment. I can really picture the spot where you’re describing and that’s an awesome experience to have had with your son. I hope you guys paddle the river someday, and he can see where it goes. we’ve all fully recovered and I think everyone is anxious to return to the river, just been too busy to do so lately… I think I want to return to that first stretch next spring, when water levels are a foot or two higher… could be some fun whitewater and it sure is a beautiful and remote area.

    have a great 4th yourself, thanks again for the comment!

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