St. Croix Postcard

St. Croix Postcard

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“The upper valley is a rugged, wild region, a lonely and beautiful one, a land of brooks and creeks and rivers. The Totogatic and Namekagon, the Yellow and the Clam, the Kettle and the Snake, all once busy lumbering streams, today join the main channel to become true water trails for modern canoeists and fishermen on trips of personal discovery and exploration.”

~ James Taylor Dunn, “The St. Croix: Midwest Border River,” 1964

4 thoughts on “St. Croix Postcard

  1. Rainier

    That’s a right pretty picture. The river looks so inviting and lovely. Like I’d like to canoe right down it. :) Actually I would. We should set up a time for weekend #2.

  2. Greg Post author

    I’m pretty damn impressed by your tenacity. Everyone’s, actually. Because I too want to get out there, though maybe a bit further downstream next time?

    I had to make the picture blurry so you couldn’t see as many of the rocks lurking just below the surface.

  3. BB-Idaho

    Been on those rivers many years past; well except the Snake and Totogatic. Back in the 60s, there were few canoes out and about..but plenty of mosquitoes. Lemee put it a word for Minnesota’s Crow Wing and Wisconsin’s Red Cedar, Chippewa and Flambeau. What a way to see the woods!

  4. Greg Post author

    BB-Idaho: Thanks for stopping by and for the tip on the other paddling possibilities! I’m sure 40 years ago that was pretty wild country up there. What’s wonderful is just how little I imagine it has really changed since then. (Including the mosquitos, of course.)

    Thanks again for commenting.

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