Go ahead, make my day

Dear Reader,

It’s my birthday and all I want from you is:

  • Who you are
  • Why you read

Please say “hi” in the comments!


- Greg

ps – yes, you.

22 thoughts on “Go ahead, make my day

  1. Deb

    Yippee! It looks like I get to be the first commenter to wish you a very happy birthday! :)

    As for your queries, well, you’ve read my blog long enough to know who I am. ;) And why do I read? Because I think you’re a damn good writer, and I can identify so much with your passion for the outdoors, your reflections on life, and even your musical tastes. Keep up the good work.

    I’ll tip a Summit Extra Pale Ale in your honor tonight. Cheers.

  2. Greg Post author

    Thanks Deb! You truly have been reading this blog for a long time and I appreciate all the great feedback you’ve provided during that time. I love reading your blog as well.

    Enjoy that Summit, I’ll probably be having Sierra Nevada EPA myself, but Summit tomorrow night. :)

    Keep it coming, people!!!!

  3. Randy

    Happy Birthday, Greg!

    To give a hard answer of “why I read” would be like answering the question of “why I fish”. :) Your artfulness and talent with words is one reason why I return, and the common threads we share also help to fill the list of reasons.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Aaron

    Happy Birthday!

    I read because, well, I’ve known you and your wife for over a decade, I run into you at a show every couple years or so and I like to keep tabs on what you’re up to because it’s usually pretty darn cool. You post some great stuff about the nature and environment, most notably about the Saint Croix where I grew up, I enjoy the photos and you’re very articulate.

    I dig the site, keep up the good work.

  5. jules

    Happy Birthday! Cheers to you. I tip my Sam Adam’s summer ale to you.

    Who am I? I am Randy’s wife, which is why I read. I was tired of Randy saying, “Hey, Dharma blog had a great post…” I decided to read on my own – and now I say to Randy, “Have you read the dharma blog, yet?” And you provide me a link to great music – thanks :)

  6. Eric


    Happy Birthday.
    Who: environmentalist & artist/friend of a mutal friend
    Why: Being of a similar age, I can relate to your thoughts and it is welcome insight.

    Thanks for writing.

  7. Dan

    I read because it accomplishes the twin rewards of knowing what my brother is doing and providing some enjoyable and high-quality writing.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Greg Post author

    Wow. Thanks everyone. So good to hear from commenters new and old. I realize now that the “why” part might seem like I was fishing for compliments, that certainly wasn’t my intention. It’s been really great to find out a bit about people that are reading that I wasn’t aware of, and, unexpectedly, it just seems neat for all of you to get to “know” each other a little bit. Also, all these comments have been great for helping me remember why I enjoy blogging and how I’ve been so lucky to get some regular readers.

    Randy – thanks for the kind words and the birthday wishes. We will get fishing sometime. Soon, I hope.

    Aaron – It’s been too long since we’ve run into you at a show or anywhere else. Glad you enjoy the blog and that you’re reading along.

    Jules – Great to hear from you as well. That’s too funny about how you started reading. My wife Katie suffers from the same problem: “Hey, Randy from Driftless Skies posted something really interesting today…” She’s heard that plenty. I bet she’ll start hearing about your blog now as well.

    Opax – I had no idea I had a trans-continental readership! :) I’ll definitely check out your blog, I’m glad you enjoy mine and thanks a lot for commenting!

    Eric – Now if Ed would just comment… :) I’ve heard lots about you, hope we get to fish together sometime.

    Dan – What can I say, it’s awesome that my you’re reading and enjoying also. You’re a great writer as well, maybe someday you’ll resuscitate your blog?

    Thanks again everyone! If you’re a regular reader and have not commented, please do so! This has been really great.

  9. Dad

    Who: I’m your father, thus the reason you’re celebrating birthdays.

    Why: Because I find your writing immensely entertaining and insightful, and, like your brother, to keep up with your goings-on.

    I hope you had a happy birthday, and we’ll continue the celebration Sunday. Our best to your wife and dog.

  10. rosie

    happy birthday, bum!

    i am your wife, don’t forget it :)

    i read because you’re positively brilliant and you make me think more wisely on issues i care about. also, you bring together a great network of other bloggers and readers, like deb and randy!

  11. Snowbug

    Well, I’m Snowbug and I read because I get paid to surf blogs and find out what’s happening in the “outdoor” world.

    It’s a good life!

    Happy Birthday. :)

  12. Greg Post author

    Another round of “thanks” to Dad, rosie and Snowbug!

    Dad – so glad you’re reading along now. To everyone else, this is the guy that first inspired me to write and taught me much of what I know. Maybe someday I’ll get you blogging!

    rosie – How could I forget?! :) You keep me motivated, encourage me in everything I attempt, and are the best partner I could have for dog walking, canoe paddling, poetry reading (and writing), good food eating and everything else that makes my life so rich. One of these days, I’ll even get you fly fishing! :)

    Snowbug – glad you’re reading along and that this blog contributes to the good life. Thanks for commenting!

  13. Rainier

    who am I? Half of the pair you met up in Voyageurs National Park last year, with a crazy dog who loves to a swim and a mate who can’t remember what the date is, even when it’s his birthday. And a future winner of American Idol.
    why? A) It’s good entertainment at work when I don’t feel like working. B) I find your writing entertaining, insightful and I learn a lot frankly. C) In excited anticipation of when I’ll see my name in print in your blog once again. My new life goal, besides being the new American Idol.

  14. eric

    Hey Greg,

    Happy Birthday. I am eric of Gilbert. I read because you’re a good writer and we share many of the same interests. I almost always leave the Dharma Blog with something to think about and for that, I thank you. Have a great day!


  15. Greg Post author

    This is really fun, I’m so glad to hear from all of you. I bet there are still a few readers out there who haven’t commented… please do! It’s quick and painless, I promise. I’d love to hit 20 comments for the first time in the history of the dharma blog. To all of you who have commented for the first time, I hope you’ll do so again soon.

    ed – great link to The Onion article. Pretty much nails it. :) Thanks for the support. And happy birthday to you once again.

    Rainier – I see much potential for your name to appear in print here in the future… at this point, specifically around a certain weekend in early June. :)

    eric – I very much enjoy your blog as well and am envious of your proximity to the northwoods and all the BWCA trips you squeeze in. Glad you enjoy the dharma blog and hope you’ll keep reading and commenting.

    Happy Friday! Keep the comments coming!

  16. FNF

    Who? Keith from England
    Why? Because its there! Well you said you didnt want compliments and i have not found your blog before. It is after all a long way to Blighty. However the real reason I arrived was I just read your article for Hatches Mag and followed the link. The rise you experienced is almost mirrored by one a friend and I experienced at Easter here in the UK. Masses of fly, a few fish and the company of my friend and my dad who is 84 and has not flyfished for 20 years. He just decided he would like to start again.

  17. Tim

    Feliz Cumpleanyos! I read b/c I can, b/c reading positive observations from an actual person who thinks and lives provides me so much more than reading the garbage on the news or the garbage on the TV. Thanks and hope you day is good. (was, as it’s now the 6th). Hey, hope your May is good.

  18. Greg Post author

    Keith – Great, glad you found me… That’s really wonderful about getting out fishing with your dad. Far more important than fish caught, eh? Thanks for commenting and I hope you’ll keep reading along!

    Tim – Glad you enjoy and that what I post here is somehow better than the drivel of mass media. I do feel like our modern culture and what passes for entertainment is generally not only worthless, but actually harmful to our spirits as it alienates us from our true selves and the value of the “real world” of water, trees, rocks and sky. If I can in some small way counteract those effects, that’s enough for me.

    Thanks again to everyone for commenting. I have confidence there are still a few lurkers out there… please comment!

    Alternative questions:

    • Where are you?
    • How long have you been reading The Dharma Blog?


  19. scott

    Anyone else reading the comments? I hope so because telling Greg who I am seems kinda silly. I’m Scott, and I consider Greg my oldest friend. Considering we first met way back in preschool and managed to stay friends all the way till present day.

    I’ve been reading the Dharma Blog from back when it was called Sprayberry on tripod.com. Dunno if the word blog had been invented yet.

    I read it because I like to see what makes Greg tick, I like to live vicariously through his fishing trips, writing, and photographs.

    I look forward to the next 27 more years, though I’ll start with today first.

  20. Greg Post author

    Scott – Wait… do I know you from somewhere? :) I sure do, and I think you’ve already shown up in a few of the stories on here (pseudonym “Camera”). A good, old friend indeed. It has been a great run so far, who knows what kind of situations we’ll get ourselves into in the decades ahead.

    I’ve been enjoying your blogging as well. (And again, nice job on that pork loin last night!)

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