Under The Knife

Lola side profileLola is going into surgery as I write this. Having suffered from “happy tail” since we got her in November, our dog is now having at least half her tail amputated today.

“Happy tail” is a common problem: happy dogs like Lola who have long tails wag those tails very hard when they’re excited. For example, when we get home from work. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hard surfaces in the world and her tail hits those surfaces so hard and so much that she cuts the tip of her tail.

So put a bandage on it, right? Unfortunately, that just doesn’t do it. Believe me, we’ve tried a lot of things during the past two months. Even with wads of cotton wrapped around the end of her tail, she could still break open the wound with a good enough whack on a wall. And when she didn’t break it open, confined as it was, the tail got infected. And, even if we had gotten it to heal, she probably would have just re-injured it again very soon.

So, off with her tail. I have a feeling we will probably miss it more than she will. Who knows.

Like I said, “happy tail” is a common problem. Vets see it all the time. In doing some Internet research, we found many people who said that dealing with it was the messiest, most troublesome medical issue they’d ever had with their dog. Dog owners were saying they had to keep their dogs in their crates 24 hours a day except for potty breaks for a month. That just wasn’t something we wanted to subject Lola too, so we’ve gone the other route.

Lola was confused this morning when she didn’t get breakfast or even a drink of water. When we pick her up this afternoon she’ll have no idea where her tail went, why she feels so funny or basically, what the hell just happened to her.

As an addendum, the good people at St. Francis Assisi Animal Rescue are very graciously covering the expense of the surgery, this being a pre-existing condition. Their desire to have healthy dogs and happy owners shines through in all our dealings with them.

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