Arctic Skies

ColdAs a coworker of mine just packed up to head home for the day, I noticed her knee length wool coat with the thick, furry collar. I said to her, “That looks like a warm coat.”

She paused, then said, “It is… but it’s still Minnesota.” She laughed, pulled on her gloves, and left for the day.

No amount of warm clothes seem to be able to keep us warm this week. Winter arrived with a real cold snap. It was about zero degrees when I came to work this morning, it’s 15 degrees right now. It will get colder this winter, but the first arrival of such frigid air is always a shock to the system. I won’t deny I’m looking forward to forecasted highs in the 30s this weekend.

Sadly, there is no snow on the ground. As I stood on the curb last night, waiting for the dog to do her business, I lamented the fact. I wish we had snow, but for the past several winters, dry, dead grass in the middle of winter blankets the ground far more often than does fresh snow. Every season, the hope that winter will be a series of blizzards like I remember (if slightly exaggerated) from my childhood lessens a little.

Huddled inside my coat last night, hat pulled low and scarf pulled high, I realized the hope was still there, and it would be until I no longer could even remember the sight of the big snow banks along the street after the plows came through, of feet of snow on the driveway, of the woods in that soft purity of winter.

* Edit: I know a lot of Minnesotans who consider talking about the weather one of their primary hobbies. But I enjoy what Randy has to say more than most (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a meteorologist!). He just posted up his own thoughts on the cold weather and his hopes for a snowy winter.

2 thoughts on “Arctic Skies

  1. Randy

    Thanks for the kind words!

    The first taste of temps near zero always steals the breath. I think it’s pretty cool that we both had the same topic on our brains. :)

    We’ve got some classic snowstorms and snowy years to look back on, having been kids in the late 70s to mid 80s. I don’t think we’ll ever see snow and cold like we did a couple of those winters.

    Here’s to putting together our collective good, winter wills and hoping for a good snow season!

  2. Deb

    I’m sitting next to the wood stove with the laptop computer as I type this. It’s much more comfortable than being out on the poorly insulated porch where the desktop is! Besides, the kids have discovered online cartoons so the desktop computer is pretty much off limits to me. :)

    The first cold snap always seems to hit hard, even harder when you actually have to think about keeping the house warm. I’m hoping things thaw just a bit this weekend. But, optimist that I am, I finally got all the cross country ski equipment together in the same place and I am having visions of a big family ski outing.

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