“Do what you love. Fuck everything else.”

I don’t normally blog about blogging, but please excuse me while I briefly do so. I have made a pledge to myself to post something every day between now and our canoe trip in two weeks and to continue a very heavy amount of posting through the end of October. I think it is worth making that goal public.

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I have been posting infrequently at best and rarely at worst for almost the past six months. It has been difficult for me because I have frequently felt uninspired, empty, unmotivated and apathetic during that time, so I haven’t written. I still feel that way in many regards, but rather than trying to fix those problems first, I’m hoping that by forcing myself to write, it will have an effect on the other end of the equation.

I choose to do this now because the next couple months present much for me to be both excited and nervous about. After this weekend, I will not be at home on a weekend until the end of October. I will first go to Camera’s bachelor party at a cabin a couple hours north of the Twin Cities next weekend, then to the Boundary Waters the following, with a stop in Voyageurs National Park the following weekend. I’ll be back for about three days and then off to San Francisco for a couple days of work and then a weekend with some old friends, including an overnight trip to Big Sur that I’m very excited about. The next weekend will hopefully include a canoe trip with a bunch of friends home for Camera’s wedding, which then comes the following weekend in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

That’s all pretty good stuff, right? Absolutely. So, what am I nervous about? Well, for all my love of adventure and travel and seeing new sights, I’m also a homebody and it looks like the wanderlust in me is going to get a lot more exercise than the homebody in September and October. And “nervous” might not even be the best word… “Curious” might be better. I’m interested to see how such a schedule and series of adventures affects me. I really don’t know. Though if I could do two months backpacking in Europe, never staying in the same bed for more than three or four nights at a spell, I imagine I’ll survive a couple months of weekend travel.

I’ve gone on about this more than I should have. The point is that it would be easy to let my blogging continue to slide during all this, but I’m not going to let that happen and I hope you all will hold me to that. I feel out-of-practice with writing after just a couple months of not doing very much. I’m pleasantly surprised by the kind words regarding yesterday’s “Stomping” piece… I really didn’t think it was very good. Trying to compose it was a harsh wake-up that I have to keep writing to be happy with what I write.

Most of my slacking on this blog for the past couple months has probably been in some indirect way the result of being distracted by thoughts and worries about long-term stuff. My career, my dreams, stuff like that. Yet, the another night, Rosie and I were out walking and she tried to ask me about my thoughts about some of that long-term stuff and I just couldn’t answer. Without meaning to, I’ve switched into a more near-term mode of thought. Come November, I hope to be able to think about some of that other stuff again, but, for the time being, it’s either think about the present and the immediate future or miss the chance to make the most of some important experiences.

Hopefully, with all this Experience (yes, with a capital “E”), I won’t find myself writing about writing (or devoting large chunks of entries to rationalizing shoe purchases) during all this posting in the next couple months. But I will write, and not use having nothing better to write about as an excuse for not. So I hope you all will bear with me.

In closing, and because this post was probably pretty devoid of entertainment value, I have a recommendation: go see the movie Little Miss Sunshine. There’s entertainment value there to make up for the vast absence of such on this blog lately.

2 thoughts on ““Do what you love. Fuck everything else.”

  1. Deb

    Looking forward to reading your efforts! I can totally relate to the feeling of no motivation to write.

    I thought about you today as a coworker and I put a boat in at the Osceola landing on the St. Croix and motored downstream to a “secret” trout stream to electrofish it. The results? Well, I’ll try to blog about it tonight. :)

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