Beer Money?

Now, available only at the official seller of ‘dharma blog’ merchandise – ‘the everyday store’ – the unauthorized “i don’t like cool, i like beautiful” bumper sticker.

Hollis’ candid critique of another band’s song — after her dad described it as “cool” — provided the slogan on Alan’s T-shirt in a music-video shoot a few days earlier.

I don’t like cool, I like beautiful,” it read.

Hey, it fits on a bumper sticker and it’s as good as “Someday this will all make sense”

C’mon, it can be yours for just $3.49. Limited time offer, of course. More “merch,” as they say, like t-shirts and coffee cups and condoms, are forthcoming.

update: t-shirts and hats and… no condoms, sorry, are all now available at the store. isn’t this fun?

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