full-frontal friday

as has been my wont the past couple weeks, i’ll post one more time before calling it quits for the weekend. it’s been a fractionally quieter week for me as far posting goes, mostly because i’ve been busy at work and also trying to find some sort of unifying theme for this blog that kind of transcends: “this blog is about jack kerouac, fly fishing, canoeing, writing, the beat generation, outdoors stuff, a pinch of lefty politics, and whatever else i feel like writing about.”

the thing is — and not to ramble on too much about this blog which is hardly even a blog yet — when i just kind of started blogging one day it was because i hadn’t found any other blogs out there that talked about “jack kerouac, fly fishing, canoeing, writing, the beat generation, outdoors stuff…” so i thought i’d fill the void. those are all subjects i want to write about regulary, but i’m trying to slow down on the posting a little bit until i can settle on a format and some basic principles.

i’m going to wrap up my writing about the honeymoon this weekend. i shouldn’t even bother putting that in writing, because this time it’s a promise to myself more than anything. for some reason, i’ve been doing a much better job writing at night than i have been on the weekend lately. maybe because my nights have been largely quiet ones spent at home while my love for the weekend leads me to fill it up with this, that and everything else i can and i leave no time for writing.

i remembered the other day that when we were in calistoga there was a full lunar eclipse. couldn’t believe that i hadn’t mentioned that. and the red sox won the series that night. that whole week, beginning a couple days before the wedding and extending through the moment we came home, was really… was really just something else, and it should still be lingering on in my writing.